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Throughout the years, David
Bailey has helped thousands of
taxpayers successfully resolve
their back tax liabilities. While
working with taxpayers, David
discovered that the cause of
many tax liabilities resulted from
taxpayer’s is not reviewing their
IRS account transcript. In order
to combat this problem, David
decides to create the
watchdogtax system, a daily
review of your account transcript
by our in house "Proprietary
Computer Software". The fastest
growing fraud at the IRS today is
identity theft base on the “IRS
Dirty Dozen”. Watchdogtax will
be proactive in detecting Identity
From 1980 to 1995 He worked for
the Federal Government as
Computer Programmer and Field
Auditor. In 1995 the business
bug came back to his mind. He
left his good government job to
promote his Direct Transmitter
electronic filing software he had
developed in 1990. Some of his
accomplishments during the time
frame of 1995-2000 were
establishing over 100 Direct
Transmitter in Wash DC area and
throughout the USA. He
designed the first Maryland
Online E-file software in 1999,
after becoming an Enrolled
Agent (authorize to represent
clients at the IRS). He started
Watchdogtax in 2019.

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